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Farm conversion program










I want to tell you about our farm conversion program because I'm proud of it and it embodies several things that are important to me in one sweet synergistic package.

As you may know, Jiaogulan is indigenous to China. However, Chinese immigrants to Thailand brought it with them. When we started this business we were working with one small farmer about 30 km North of Chiangmai, Thailand. But we quickly outgrew his farm and that's when the magic happened.

The border between Thailand and Cambodia is one of the most productive opium growing areas in the world. The Thai government makes some effort to control it but the lure of such a profitable crop is hard to resist. We found a non-profit trying to convince farmers to switch from opium production to other crops. Now we have over a dozen small family farms growing Jiaogulan instead, AND! Because they are starting from scratch with a new crop we get the chance to require they use sustainable and organic methods from day one.

So one project that, supports indigenous family farms, get farmers out of the drug business, uses sustainable agriculture and produces the world's best organic Jiaogulan. That's a win all the way around. I'm proud of it and as one of our customers, you can be too.

Thanks for helping make this possible.

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Post by Matthew on 20 Aug, 2014

I really enjoyed this post – it all sounds pretty awesome! Do you have any pictures of the family farms? I’m interested to learn more about their farming practices and would like to see more posts about their endeavors growing jiaogulan!