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Jiaogulan Smoothie Recipe

Not long ago I made a video on brewing jiaogulan. I did not leave it on line because I felt it was too long and I don’t really like myself on video much anyway.

In that video I mentioned purely as an aside that I put jiaogulan in my morning smoothie. To my surprise, one of the top questions I received from the video was, “What’s your smoothie recipe?”

So here its. I should not even call this a Jiaogulan smoothie since you can’t really taste the jiaogulan. I’ll work on a more jiaogulan intensive smoothie recipe for you. But in the mean time, this is what I have for breakfast most mornings. I hope you enjoy it.

1 – banana
2 tbsp – flax seed oil
2 tbsp – Jiaogulan leaf
1/4 cup – shelled walnuts
1 cup – mixed organic frozen berries
1 and 1/2 cups – rice milk

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

If you have jiaogulan recipes you’d like to share, post a comment. I’d love to try them.

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