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Rule #1 - Find The Best All Natural Ingredients and Don’t Mess Them Up!

If I looked around my office or searched my computer, I’m sure I could find brochures, webpages and emails where I’ve tried to say that more eloquently. But if you catch me in casual-mode and ask me my personal philosophy about how to make great teas, that’s pretty much it. Tea and herbs are gifts to be treasured as close to their natural state as possible. 

Yes, we need to dry them to preserve them and how we do that makes a big difference in the final product. But all the other “stuff” people do to teas and herbs including chemical fertilizers, insecticides, GMO, artificial flavors and colors, disrespects a tremendous gift. 

As a tea master and the curator of teas for the thousands of customers who have put their faith in Immortalitea, my job is search out all natural, chemical and pesticide free teas and herbs. Find producers who share our belief in organic and sustainable farming and then bring those great products to you as fresh as possible. 

I take that job seriously and fly thousands of miles every year in it's pursuit. But it is also a joyous activity for me and I hope that joy comes across in everything we do.

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Post by Candace Rickard on 11 Nov, 2014

Thank you for your pursuit to bring only “clean” product, as God intended for us, to consumers. I have recently been introduced to “pure” essential oils. Some of them blend perfectly with your teas, such as lemon. Between a cup of your tea and a drop of pure oil, it provides a cup of healthy defense for my day!