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Rule #2 - Nature Has Already Provided A Solution

I am struck with wonder each and every time I contemplate how beautifully and harmoniously our world is put together. Take even the smallest and simplest plant or organism and study it deeply and you discover an incredibly complex tapestry of chemistry, biology and physics that make that tiny piece of life not only function, but function beautifully, efficiently and in harmony with its surroundings. 

Pop up a level and you discover, that organism is part of a larger system, equally beautiful and even more complex. This continues, layer upon layer, defining our world and ultimately, our place in it.

And the real miracle? The mind-blowing, can’t-get-my-head-around-it part? Until you start to try to take it apart, it all looks so simple! It just works. 

That includes us human beings, and our place in our world. We are designed (or evolved, take your pick) to fit harmoniously in our environment.

Our environment already has the cure for everything that can go wrong with us. And there’s a back up system for that and usually a back-up for the back-up. 

I believe there was a time when we understood that at an intuitive level.

Not long ago I had a dog I loved.

O’neal was a retired champion-level racing greyhound. He took retirement seriously. It was truly rare for him to really run. He’d stand there in the dog park watching the other dogs with a sloppy grin on his face as though to say, “Been there. Done that.”

One day walking through a field, he watched our other dog (another retired racer) running ahead.

He let her have a head start. Suddenly O’neal decided to run.

Oh my God could he run!

It remains one of the most graceful things I’ve ever seen. He floated over the ground, totally effortless.

He closed the gap with our other dog in a matter of seconds and shot past her. Then suddenly, as quick as it had begun, it was over.

He cruised to stop. Stood there waiting for me. I was excited and full of praise. O’neal looked at me, “What’s all the fuss about?” he seemed to say.  

The next year, O’neal got bone cancer. We did absolutely everything to save him and this included the painful decision to amputate one of his legs. But even that failed and soon

But even that failed and soon the cancer spread to the rest of his body.

But here’s what I noticed, and the point of telling you this story. O’neal and I continued to take walks in a nearby green-belt, pretty much everyday. In the past, he’d shown little interest in eating grass or other plants. One day he started devouring a little ground-cover like plant. I pulled him away from it, reprimanded him and we kept walking.

From that day forward I noticed the behavior every time we walked. This was not nibbling, this was ravenous, pulling at his leash eating. I spoke to his veterinarian about it. He strongly encouraged me to prevent this behavior. But, I soon noticed that it was not just any plants he was attacking, but always the same one. I plucked some and took it home for identification. 

The plant was “bleeding-heart”. I had never used bleeding heart in my practice, as far as I know it does not grow in China and most of my experience is with Chinese herbs. But it did not take me long to discover it was a favorite among indigenous healers in the Pacific Northwest. What is it used for? It’s a narcotic. It’s used to relieve pain.

Plain and simple, my friend was in pain. And somehow, he knew, he didn’t think, he didn’t theorize, he knew, that plant would help him. He knew so deep in his cancer-ridden bones that this normally very compliant dog was willing to fight his leash to get at it. Once I realized that, I let him have as much he wanted.

I think there was a time not so long ago when humans also had this kind of instinct, a baked-in understanding of what plants and herbs around us will heal us. I think, at some level, we still do, if we can turn off the noise for a while and deeply listen to what our bodies have to say.

Part of our mission here at Immortalitea is to help you discover new herbs and teas. Our role is to make high quality, all natural herbs available to you and to give you enough information to guide you on which ones to try. It’s up to you to listen to your body and discover if that particular herb is what your body is crying for. 

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Post by Doris Lancaster on 11 Nov, 2014

Excellent story! I believe animals and humans have the natural instinct to seek healing, and just “know” what is needed, we as you say just rarely listen or take time to be still. Thanks for posting this!