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Rule #4 - Keep It Simple

I’m a fan of simplicity. In our tireless search to build a better mousetrap we’ve forgotten that the best mousetrap is a cat. The best teas are simple, single-harvest, single-estate teas. The best tea brewing system is a sprinkle of tea leaves in a cup of hot water. 

Yes, we sell some tea blends either to achieve a particular health benefit or because that blend is popular and I want you folks to be able to one-stop shop. But in general, my favorite teas are teas for which I can taste, smell and see the essence of the tea itself.

Most blended teas are an attempt by the producer to compensate for some failing of the tea that they happen to be able to obtain cheap. And don’t get me started on those foo-foo berry-flower blends! I love a great fruit tea as much as the next guy. If you find one of our teas you really love, by all means, try adding fruits and other herbs to the pot when brewing. But 99% of the fruit-flower blends out there are just overpowering sweet (and mostly artificial) flavors added to bad tea. It reminds me of what they say about men driving expensive cars. You just gotta’ ask, what are they compensating for? Please, start with a great tea and build up, not the other way around.

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