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The Immortalitea Manifesto

This concludes a series of blog posts I’m calling our manifesto. With all the changes our company is experiencing this year, new website, new packaging and new products, I felt the need to define clearly what we stand for as a company. It has helped me to clarify my thinking. I’ve distributed to the rest of our company so all of us are working with a background of common principles and I’ve sent this out as it evolved to my Newsletter subscribers so my customers are clear what we stand for.

At the risk of a war analogy (maybe I’m watching too much Game of Thrones) I think of this as our banner. I’ve planted it here for all the world to see. My dream is that like-minded souls will see it, rally to it and together will make a change for the good in world of tea and herbs.

Here it is in summary form. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

The Immortalitea Manifesto

  1. Find the best all natural ingredients and then don’t mess them up!

  2. Nature has already provided a solution.

  3. Organic is good, wild-grown is even better

  4. Keep it simple

  5. Giving Back is Good Business

  6. Great Tea Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

  7. Follow the Golden Rule With Your Customers and They Will Reward with Even More Gold

  8. Tea Bags Are Evil!

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Post by Anita on 13 Nov, 2014

I’m a new customer and so happy when I find a good company because they are few and far between. Know that you are appreciated for all your work to do what’s right and good for us!
Thank You!!!