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Part 2 of Our 5-Year Mission

In the next five years Immortalitea will connect and engage 50,000 tea lovers with the craft of teas and herbs and the people who make them.

In the first part of our five-year mission we focused on the people who grow our teas. In the second part of our mission statement we focus on you, the customer.

Hopefully, if you’ve been following our emails, you’ve understood that I feel our best customers are well-informed customers. We sell amazing teas and herbs and I take great pride in the quality of what we offer. I believe that if I can excite you about the craft of making and consuming gourmet teas and give you healthy herbal alternatives to improve your health, then choosing Immortalitea products will be the natural next step.

But beyond that, we want to create a greater connection between you and the people who grow your tea and the places where it’s grown.

We live in a digital world. We are already accustomed to buying food anonymously from faceless corporations with slick websites and competitive pricing.

My hope is to introduce you through photos and videos to the people who make your tea so you might understand directly from them what makes their tea special and might feel the difference love of the land and the craft makes in tea.

Pan Drying Our New Long Jin Green Tea (coming this Spring)

I want you to serve our teas and herbs with confidence and pride, share with others the art of preparing a great tea and the story behind the teas that you serve in your home.

I want you to feel pride that, while indulging yourself with gourmet teas and herbs, you are also helping preserve the earth, promote the craft of tea making and helping support a real family farm.


Happy Tea Farmers!

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Post by Michael Wybar on 29 Jan, 2016

As a confirmed coffee drinker of many years it has been a real pleasure exploring the world of teas through Immortalitea.Do you have any plans to add a Darjeeling to your line up?

Post by KE on 29 Jan, 2016

Ralph, I love having found your company recently and now brewing your teas in my Tea for One Glass Tea Infuser daily. I now am giving the Tea for One Glass Tea Infuser along with a sample pac of Jiaogulan Tea to a variety of friends and I wish the Jiaogulan Tea packet came with the additional description information found on your website so the gift package was a more complete introduction to what you do. I hope my gifts help expand the numbers of Immortalitea tea lovers. (Actually, so far, they already have.) Best wishes, Kristi