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Mulberry Closer Look

Today I want to talk about the health benefits of White Mulberry Tea.

Mulberry trees grow in just about anywhere and tisanes brewed from the leaves have been used by many cultures. I remember one phone call I got from an elderly man whose family originated from Greece. He was so excited to tell me about how his mother used to send him out to the front yard with a pillowcase to pick leaves from their mulberry tree so she could brew up tea for the whole family.

Like many tisanes, Mulberry Leaf Tea is chock full of antioxidants. But mulberry leaf has an even better surprise for your body. Research has shown that chemicals in mulberry leaves inhibit the production of the enzymes used by your digestive system to process fats and sugars. That means less fats and sugars in your bloodstream. That's great news for folks fighting high blood sugar or trying to lose weight.

The emails I receive from people with diabetes say consistently that if they drink a cup of Mulberry Leaf Tea before meals they find they don't have the highs and lows they normally have. The Mulberry Leaf Tea helps smooth them out.

Mulberry Leaf Tea has a distinct earthy-sweet taste. Most people love it but I do get emails from people who don't care for it. We have a no questions asked money back policy. So there's no risk in trying.

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