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HIV researchers tout Gynostemma in the fight against HIV

In a study published in January of 2012 HIV researchers at universities in Nigeria, studied the effects of Gynostemma extract on the HIV virus. They found that in all cases studied, Gynostemma significantly inhibited the early events of viral replication of the HIV virus. This means that while Gynostemma may not “cure” HIV it does show potential to prevent the spread of the disease or use as a retro-viral agent.

I’ll quote the conclusion of the researchers in full,

“The results of the study show that the extracts of G. pentaphyllum possess potent and selective inhibitory activity against HIV-1 lentiviral vector particles infectivity. This supported the claims of efficacy in complementary and alternative medicine in the use of the extracts against different viral infections, including claims of activity against HIV infections. Extracts of G. pentaphyllum could be a possible source of lead antiviral drugs against HIV and should be further explored and harnessed.”
(African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 11 No. 7 Jan. 21012)

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