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Gynostemma may help prevent stroke related brain damage

One common cause of brain injury is loss of blood flow to the brain. This is called ischemia or an ischemic stroke. It can be caused by any number of cardiovascular conditions, like blood clots, plaque build up in the arteries, sickle cell anemia or a heart attack.

When blood flow is lost to a part or all of the brain, brain cells begin to die within minutes. There is a double whammy caused by something called, reperfusion. When blood flow is restored to the damaged tissue, instead of aiding recovery the blood causes inflammation and oxidative stress.

However, a June 2012 study by the Institute of Bio-chemistry in Germany discovered a surprising effect of Gynostemma extract. Brain tissue treated with Gynostemma extract 48 hours in advance of ischemia were “completed protected from functional injury.” (Phytomedicine, Volume 19. issue 8-9, June 15, 2012)

The researchers found that Gynostemma significantly increased the cellular production of the anti-oxidants SOD and GPx. These anti-oxidants served to protect the brain cells from injury.

Another good reason to make a cup of Gynostemma tea (aka Jiaogulan) part of your daily routine!

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