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My phone call from Dr. Oz

As one of my blog subscribers you already know that for over 10 years I’ve been promoting the benefits of white mulberry tea for managing blood sugar, weight loss, cholesterol, and host of other benefits.

And, while Dr. Oz has probably never heard of me, I did get a phone call from his show recently. It seems Dr. Oz has discovered the many health benefits of white mulberries and white mulberry tea. They needed samples of white mulberry tea for their show and……. you guessed it, they bought them from The Immortalitea Company.

I realize not everybody is a Dr. Oz fan. I myself do not always agree with all of his recommendations. But I am grateful that someone with his visibility and reputation is helping get the word out about the benefits of white mulberry tea.

As of this writing, the show has not aired yet. But here are some of the things he’s already posted on his website,

-The white mulberry leaves have scientists especially excited, since they may help prevent diabetes.

- A compound called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) found in mulberry leaves is thought to inhibit sugar digestion so that most sugar is not absorbed into the bloodstream and is instead excreted.

- Studies suggest DNJ helps prevent spikes in blood sugar. You can drink mulberry leaf tea with your meals to help control blood sugar and possibly prevent diabetes.

The program airs today (Monday Sept 30) at 4:00 for most people in the USA (be sure to check your local listings). Tune in if you have time to hear what he has to say. And if you get distracted because you hear some crazy guy shouting…..that’s me yelling, “That’s my tea! See that green stuff? That’s my tea!”

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