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The Origins of Integra Tea (Part 1) - The Survey

Integra tea began with a survey I did of my customers asking them what their top health concerns were. Their top 6 concerns were,

  • -Aging
  • -Immune system health
  • -Inflammation
  • -Memory and mental acuity
  • -Circulation / cardio vascular health / High blood pressure
  • -Weight management

My original intent was to offer different herbal teas to address different health concerns. However, it was clear from the survey answers that most respondents had multiple of these top 6 concerns. This conclusion is supported by the findings of the US Center for Disease Control which reports that 47.3% of baby boomers suffer from two or more of the top 6 chronic diseases.

I realized it was unreasonable to ask one person to buy a bunch of different teas and try to address all of their concerns. So I set out to design one “health tonic” tea that would address all of the top 6.

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