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Immortal Musings

My Personal Longevity Formula - Diet

by Ralph Kenney

April 14, 2017

Since it’s the New Year, I know improving health will be on a lot of people’s minds. I thought I’d kick off the year by summarizing for you all my personal longevity formula.

Think of this as a living document. I’m constantly monitoring the science on extending healthspan and if something better comes along or one of my current practices is proven flawed I’ll happily update my plans and let you all know.

Let’s start with,


Intermittent Fasting: You may recall last year I shared with you my experience with Intermittent Fasting. I got great results and have since become a walking-talking IF advertisement. You can imagine how popular that made me at all the holiday feasts J
Previously, I shared with you my experience following the 5:2 Fasting Plan. I now follow a daily fasting regimen. Basically I’m careful to not eat after 8 pm and I skip breakfast, usually having my first meal of the day between 12pm and 2 pm. That has me fasting 16-18 hour each day.

During the 6-8 hour feeding window I eat normally, actually a bit more heartily than before because cramming my daily calories needs into two meals means two pretty good sized meals.

I try to make lunch the biggest meal of the day but my workdays can be hectic and I probably succeed at that about half the time.

I’m so enthusiastic about IF that I plan to make a series of videos for you all on the subject. I’m not really a video-kinda-guy. I prefer to write so I may yet chicken out. I’m mentioning it here to make a public commitment and counting on you guys to hold my feet to the fire. I’d like to have these to you before March.

I’m also working on a tea specifically to help with fasting. It’s going to be different from any tea I’ve done before. I’ll probably do a crowd-funding of that new tea to get it going, similar to what we did with our new Dragon Well Tea last year. I hope to launch that on the tail end of the video series. 

Ketogenics:I’m not a fan of diets that advocate eliminating any macronutrient entirely. I believe our bodies are designed to need all three, fats, carbs and protein. But, I am still interested in dropping a few pounds of fat. My research shows that a ketogenic diet, when I’m not fasting is the best way to do that.

A ketogenic diet deemphasizes carbohydrates in favor of healthy fats. It’s benefit for weight loss is that by reducing the availability of glucose from carbs, your metabolism shifts to fat burning mode. Another plus is that when I am in fasting mode my body is already primed to run off of fat and I have plenty of energy and don’t feel hungry.

Water: Hydration is very important to almost all bodily function and I’ve historically been bad at this. For whatever reason, I don’t really notice thirst so I have to consciously remind myself to drink water.Previous advice to consume 8 glasses of water per day is not based on science, in fact, no one really know where that advice came from.

The science says men should drink about 125 ounces per day and women need around 90 ounces. You’ll get 20% of that from food on average leaving us with men needing to consume about 100 ounces and women around 72 ounces.

My oft-missed goal is 12 cups per day. I grab the first two of those as soon as I wake. According to psychology research one of the best ways to form a new habit is structuring the desired behavior in your mind as an “When X happens, I will do Y” commitment, where X is something that happens on a regular bases without your intervention and Y is the desired behavior.

In my case, to help me drink more I have 3 such commitments. 1) When I wake up I will drink to cups of water immediately. 2) When I sit down for a meal I will immediately drink a cup of water (this also reduces how much I eat) and 3) When I urinate I will immediately drink another glass of water.

That’s it for today. In the coming few days I’ll share the rest of my formula including, exercise, mental and emotional fitness, breathing and Herbs and supplements.

Next up, exercise. See you then.


  • We are all waiting for an update and evaluating methods before the New Year haha.
    Please post how this fasting worked out in number of pounds lost. We just started doing intermittent fasting and have not gotten results yet.

    sandy on

  • This is great! Thank you, much appreciated and needed. If you could go into a typical fasting day and what you do, would be great!!!!

    Lorraine Lott on

  • Thank you for sharing! I want to point out that while all of your recommendations are sound, I want to warm women that the ketogenic diet can genuinely mess with your hormones, so you need to really pay attention if you choose to go down this path. Some women have an excellent response, while others are forced to quit. Listen to your body!

    Jennie on

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