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Tasting the 2017 Harvest in Taiwan

 In April I was in Taiwan working on a new herbal tea blend. I'm excited and hope to share more about it with you soon.

 While I was there, I couldn’t resist popping into a couple of local teashops and tasting some of the 2017 teas that had just been harvested.

We’ve put together this short little montage from one of my stops to just give you a feel for what’s it’s like. The music makes it feel more glamorous than it was. Picture a crowded shop no bigger than a small bedroom in the USA.

 Yet, I did have a lot of fun. I really love tasting new teas.



The two tea highlights for me were the High-Mountain Jade Oolong and a specialty tea I’d heard about but never tasted called Oriental Beauty.

 The tea farmer (it’s him serving in the video), calls Oriental Beauty a “Black Tea” but it’s technically an oolong. What makes it special is it is prepared from tea trees that have been attacked by cicadas.

 The predation by cicadas kick-starts the fermentation process and gives this tea a wonderful natural sweetness. I brought back a bunch for my home stock and it’s been my go-to tea most of this month.

 We don’t plan to sell Oriental Beauty. It’s a rare tea and pretty pricey. I really just want to share a little of the experience with you. 

If you decide to try buying Oriental Beauty Oolong on the internet, buyer beware. I did a quick search and most of the results I came up with were not authentic. To be actual Oriental Beauty it must come from Taiwan, so reject Chinese or Indian teas using the name. And it’s pricey, so if you see it “reasonably” priced, it’s also probably not the real thing. The real McCoy should set you back about $25 / oz.

 I hope you enjoyed the video.


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Post by Dr Jeffrey Blair on 12 May, 2017

Looking forward to buying some high mountain jade oolong when available!