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Immortal Musings

Top 5 New Health Benefits of Black Tea Discovered in 2016

by Ralph Kenney

April 26, 2017


Black tea is the one of the most consumed beverages in the world, second only to water. Beloved in the UK and throughout the former British Empire as the base for the traditional “cuppa”, it’s also the go-to tea here in the USA, especially for iced tea.

Somehow green tea gets all the press in terms of health benefits. But black tea has amazing health benefits all it’s own.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the most cited studies on the health benefits of black tea from 2016.


There is a lot of excitement lately around the relationship between gut health and your overall wellbeing. Scientists are finding out that gut health is far more important than we ever realized.

A healthy gut has benefits for diabetes, obesity, the immune system and even helps prevent depression. 

A study funded by the NIH compared the effects of Green Tea and Black Tea on gut metabolism. Black tea was found to stimulate increased short chain fatty acids (SCFA). SCFA’s are the main source of energy for your colon and are important for your gut health on that basis alone.

But SCFA may also reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other conditions.

Black tea (unlike green tea) stimulated increased production of two critical SCFAs, propionate and butyrate.1

A UK study also found that Black Tea also helps prevent inflammatory bowel syndrome by inhibiting the inflammatory response from the bacteria associated with IBS. 2


Blood flow in the skin is essential for that healthy glowing look and is associated with fewer wrinkles and reduced signs of aging.

Clinical Nutrition reports a study in which middle-aged men were served one 6.5 ounce cup of black tea. They then measured blood flow in the skin. Blood flow increased in all participants.

Researchers speculate the increased blood flow is the result of improved NO production. 3 


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Black tea and a pastry is a match made in heaven, and not just because they taste good together.

A study of 24 normal and prediabetic subjects found that people who drink black tea while consuming sugars have an 11.5% lower blood glucose one hour later.4


Japanese study looked at lipid absorption and black tea. Lipids absorbed from food are turned into stored fat.

The study found that the subjects who drank black tea 3 times a day for 10 days absorbed 19.8% fewer lipids from their food.

This means, that in addition to the metabolic boost from the caffeine in black tea it also helps prevent your body from creating fat.5



Damage to the lining of blood vessels is repaired by special cells called Circulating Angiogenic Cells (CAC). In this study, patients with high blood pressure drank black tea twice a day for 8 days.

Their CAC count increased an average of 55%. Tests of the ability of their blood vessels to expand, which is one indicator of risk of cardiovascular disease, found the patients who consumed black tea also had significantly better blood vessel dilation.6  It surprising how chemically different green tea is from black tea. It’s all about fermentation. They both have terrific health benefits. I’m not advocating one over the other. 

I’m a big fan of changing teas with my mood. Not only does it keep it interesting, but you are giving your body a wider range of health benefits.

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One cup of brewed black tea contains about:

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