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    • Dragon Well Wild Harvest - Imperial Grade Green Tea (Limited Availability) - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Dragon Well Wild Harvest - Imperial Grade Green Tea (Limited Availability)

      Dragon Well (Longjing) tea is one of the most famous of China’s green teas. It traditionally originates from Zheijiang province in China. It was a royal tribute tea during the Song and Qing dynasties and, according to the Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea, “Today it is widely considered the world’s...

    • Honey Orchid Oolong - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Honey Orchid Oolong

      This is a traditional Dan Cong Oolong from 40 year old trees. Dan Cong Oolongs are charcoal roasted and classified by aroma. Our is a “Mi Lan Xiang” which translates to “Honey Orchid Aroma.” That’s a perfect description of it.  I recommend discarding the first brewing of this tea (the traditional...

    • Imperial Jasmine Pearl - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Imperial Jasmine Pearl

      You’ll smell the jasmine lightly from the moment you open the bag and with sensory experience will change slightly with each brewing. The precious pearls unfurl languidly in your cup. The resulting brew is distinctly golden-green and picks up a slightly sweet taste from the jasmine that contrasts nicely with the green teas inherently...

    • Jiangxi  Mountain Wild Harvest - Immortalitea1 - 1 Sale
    • Jiangxi Mountain Wild Harvest

      Our Jiangxi Mountain Wild Harvest Tea is one of those finds that gets me excited. This tea is growing wild high (around 700 meters) on Wu Long (Five Dragons) mountain in Jiangxi province China which is largely a national park. There are no commercial enterprises allowed on the mountain itself but locals are allowed...

    • Lapsang Souchong - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Lapsang Souchong

      Lapsang Souchong tea is a tea that conjures up images of the exotic and mysterious for me. For some reason I picture an old British mystery writer sipping Lapsang Souchong while her heroin navigates the seedy back alleys of Shanghai.  This tea was the widely acclaimed favorite tea of Winston...

    • Ming Mei Imperial Green Tea - Immortalitea1 - 1 Sale
    • Ming Mei Imperial Green Tea

      Our Imperial Grade Ming Mei Green Tea is a tea rich in tradition and history. It is a tea that deserves to be far better known. Originating from Wu Yuan province the “hometown” of Chinese green teas, this green tea has been grown and prepared in the same way for...

    • Old Tree Silver Needle White Tea - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Old Tree Silver Needle White Tea

      Our Old Tree Silver Needle tea is the one tea in my cupboard that I hide from my family and friends. All my other teas I’m happy, even eager to share. But my Silver Needle is my special treat. I cringe inside (while smiling of course) when I come home to discover my...

    • Organic White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) - Immortalitea1 - 1 Sale
    • Organic White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)

      White Peony Tea (called Bai Mu Dan in Chinese) is a perennial favorite among white tea lovers and the first white tea that many people experience. That said, White Peony is an atypical white tea in several respects. The first thing you will notice is the ragged-bulky leaf appearance. This...

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    • Royal Breakfast Tea - Premium Organic - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Royal Breakfast Tea - Premium Organic

      This is my comfort tea. When I have the pleasure of a lazy morning I indulge myself with a hopelessly decadent cinnamon roll, a good book and a cup of our Royal Breakfast tea English style with a spot of warm milk. An English breakfast tea is usually a blend...

    • Tea Lover's Gift Assortment <br />Four 3.5 oz Boxes - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Tea Lover's Gift Assortment
      Four 3.5 oz Boxes

      There is a right tea for every meal, every occasion and every mood. Our hand curated selection of gourmet loose leaf teas from the Immortalitea Connoisseur Collection ensures you’ll serve the perfect tea no matter what life throws your way, even if you never before served any tea that didn’t...

    • Thai Golden Lily Oolong - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Thai Golden Lily Oolong

      The floral aroma of lilies is immediately noticeable from the first brew through to a 5th or even 6th brewing. The lily aroma is natural to this oolong. The tea brews up a beautiful golden color. Hence the name, Golden Lily. This is considered one of the best in the...

    • Yunnan Dragon Pearl - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Yunnan Dragon Pearl

      I’m a big fan of teas from Yunnan. There is definitely something about the terroir that imbues Yunnan teas with a special mellowness that is instantly recognizable. Our Dragon Pearl Black Tea from Yunnan could be the poster child. This is a rare tea crafted with several labor-intensive steps not...