Are you tired of squandering time, money and energy on cookie-cutter diets, workouts, and health supplements with nothing to show for it?

Reset Your Health In Just 28 Days

Learn how advances in biomarker science and applied psychology are powering a personal health revolution

From the desk of Ralph Kenney: Owner and Founder of Immortalitea.

Did you promise yourself on New Year’s Eve a bright shiny new you this year?

How’s that going so far?

If you’re like most people, not so great. According to a study in 2015, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the 2nd week of February and 92% will fail overall.

It’s frustrating!

You’re committed to improving your health. But somehow, year after year, nothing changes. No matter what health books you read, supplements you choke down or hashtag-diet you try, you don’t see results. You feel like a failure.

And, what makes it extra annoying is, you know people who can’t stop crowing about how great the exact same thing worked for them.

Are they somehow just more committed than you? Is it just luck?

I don’t think so.

The health improvement goal you set for yourself was doomed from the beginning because,

1) You focused on the wrong things,
2) There was no immediate feedback and,
3) You were using someone else’s wellness plan.

Let me explain,

- You focused on the wrong things: For the average person, who gets their health news in limited time from their favorite newsfeed or from family and friends, it’s almost impossible to keep up and terribly confusing.

It’s far too common to end up trying some new diet or health plan that focuses on a marginal health benefit while ignoring the basic handful of things that actually have the largest positive effect.

The Pareto Principle says, most so-called “breakthroughs” are just noise. Taking definitive action with a small number of fundamental things will have a much more significant positive impact on your health than the latest fad diet, the trendy new supplement or social media exercise phenomenon.

20% of the health actions you take will have 80% of the impact on your overall health and longevity.

- There was no immediate feedback: We’ve all heard someone say something like, “Oh, I can’t eat that. It will go straight to my hips” If we actually received feedback that fast, meeting our fitness goals would be easy.

But, in reality, that’s not how it works. Super-sizing your fries today at lunch or skipping your workout won’t show up on the scale immediately.

What shows up is skipping your work out or grabbing dessert twice a week for a month. By the time you get that feedback, it’s too late.

Research shows that to achieve any significant goal, you need timely feedback and small wins along the way.

Only expect what you inspect and enjoy the journey.

- You were using someone else’s wellness plan: You are unique. Your body type, genetics, metabolism, health risks, predisposition gut microbiome and food tolerances are yours alone.

You wouldn’t feed a toddler the same workout as a professional basketball player. The crude biomarkers of height, weight and age tell you that’s ridiculous.

But we don’t think twice about telling a middle-aged housewife in Schenectady she’ll get in “the best shape of her life!” on an exercise plan that happened to work for The Rock or some Instagram Barbie-doll.

There are dozens of human biomarkers that can tell us what your specific body wants and needs to be optimally healthy.

Your wellness plan should be as unique as you are.


The 28-Day Health Reset

The 28-Day Health Reset is a wellness plan, customized specifically for you based on your own personal Advanced Predictive Biomarker profile, which makes it possible for you to finally reach your individual wellness goals.

The logic is simple.

Step 1 - Take care of the 20% of health behaviors that have 80% of the impact on your overall wellness by replacing your current harmful habits in these basic areas with new scientifically validated positive habits.

I’ve called this the Core Module. These are super basic things like better breathing, proper hydration, improved sleep hygiene, intermittent fasting, modest healthy exercise and meditation. I’ll be teaching you ancient techniques from Traditional Medicine that have been validated with modern science.

You’ll receive this training in the form of daily emails or videos from me along with daily micro-goals and progress checks.

You’ll also be part of a small private support group that helps hold each other accountable.

Step 2- It’s time to get personal. I’ve partnered with, Dr. JP Saleeby MD and Dr. Patricia Evans ND, two of the nation’s leading specialist in applied biomarker technology.

On day one, I’ll send you a script for a customized set of Advanced Predictive Biomarkers. These are blood tests. But this not the same old tired set of blood tests you get at a regular physical.

Your Advanced Predictive Biomarker tests include a battery of 28 predictive biomarkers developed by Drs. Saleeby and Evans specifically for The 28-Day Health Reset. This biomarker panel is designed not only to baseline your current health but to also predict your future health risk.

You’ll take this test script to your local LabCorp or Quest testing center (there are Labcorp and Quest testing centers all over the country.) They will draw a small of amount of blood and send them to a central lab we’ve partnered with that has the ability to do the tests we’re requesting. (You won’t pay anything for the blood drawing service, that’s all covered automatically when you sign up for The 28-Day Health Reset.)

If you went to a regular lab and requested this same set of tests, assuming they could do all of them (most labs can’t), the Advanced Predictive Biomarker testing protocol would likely cost you around $2000. We’ve negotiated a much lower price.

There will be a list of simple measurements to take at home like waist size, your weight, resting pulse etc.

When your tests are ready, you’ll receive a copy of the results and an email requesting you to schedule a Tele-Wellness Consultation.

Your Tele-Wellness Consultation will be a video conference on a HIPAA certified conferencing service with a health professional from Dr. Saleeby’s office. Dr. Saleeby’s team is ready to meet with you, weekends, evenings or whenever you have time.

Your wellness consultant will explain your results in detail and share with you a customized wellness plan written by Dr. Saleeby or Dr. Evans, specifically for you.

Your wellness plan will include a recommended diet, an exercise plan and a recommended supplements plan all of which will be custom designed to improve your personal health and help you to meet your health goals.

This is not some generic set of recommendations. This is a genuinely custom wellness plan developed for you based on your specific biomarkers. No two people will receive the same wellness plan.

If you could find a doctor who was up to date on all these advanced tests and their meanings, a wellness consultation like this with a customized wellness plan would easily cost $1,000.

Together, the Core Module with your Personal Wellness Plan provides a comprehensive wellness strategy that begins with the basics and fine-tunes it to your specific needs based on your particular Advanced Predictive Biomarker profile.

In under a month, you will already look and feel better than you have in years and, more importantly, you’ll have locked-in new wellness habits, based on your specific body’s needs, that will carry you forward effortlessly to your ultimate wellness goal.

Imagine what that would be like, just weeks from now, to stand in front of the mirror and see a healthier person smiling back at you.

Dr. Saleeby and Dr. Evans have worked with hundreds of patients, just like you. Based on their years of experience they can safely say you will be looking and feeling better in only 28 days.

But it gets better; their clinical data shows that if you continue following their customized wellness plan for 90 days, you will see a measurable reduction in your future health risks.

(Based on actual aggregated clinical data. Your results may vary.)

Yep, you read that right. Not only do you feel better now, but you’re also lowering your future risk of many debilitating illnesses and you will likely live longer too.

The 28-Day Heath Reset is a personal wellness program that will:

Replace your old health-destroying habits with new positive health habits. You won’t have to rely on will-power alone to become and stay healthy,

Relieve that nervous lump in your stomach when you think about your health future. You will know your personal risk factors and you’ll know what specific actions you can take today that will lower your future risk.

Take the guesswork out of setting your health goals and charting your course through the confusing and contradictory health recommendations out there. You’ll know what diet and supplements are recommended for your specific biomarkers.

Our focus is on identification of imbalances when a patient is under stress with symptoms, not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle. -Yusuf (JP) Saleeby, MD

Hear what some actual clients have to say about their experience;

"Recently saw Dr. Saleeby for some tests. He was great. Actually took the time to go over all my results and explain why he thought I was having problems. Listened to my concerns instead of just pushing a prescription at me."


"Dr. Saleeby always listens to what I say. His treatment has been spot on, and I feel better than I have in 10 years. I have recommended him to friends and family!"


"Dr. Saleeby does a wonderful job of describing causes and conditions … It's refreshing to hear from a Doctor who digs deep into the patient's symptoms with tests and observations and deals with the root problems, rather than prescribing drugs to mask the symptoms. His knowledge and experience are deep, and his layman explanations are clear and understandable."


Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll in The 28-Day Health Reset

1. The 28-Day Health Reset Core Module – Delivered in the form of daily emails and videos the core module includes;
- How to set goals that connect emotionally and form lasting habits
- Proper hydration
- Sleep hygiene
- Zhan Zhuang (a simple but powerful form of daily exercise and meditation based on Chinese Qi-Gong
- Intermittent Fasting
- Gut Health
- Proper Work Posture and Standing Desk Protocol
- Embryonic Breath Training
- Mindful Eating Habits
- Dietary Detox Strategies
- Chinese Wei-Gong Exercises (an ancient Chinese version of High-Intensity Interval Training)
- The Power of ACTS (a daily stress release and motivation exercise)
- Daily micro-commitments
- Progress Monitoring and Tracking
- and more…

2. 28-Day Health Reset Facebook group. You’ll be able to meet and share experiences with other core module participants and I’ll be there every day for the duration of the program to answer your questions.

3. The Advanced Predictive Biomarker (APB) Panel – A script for battery of 28 predictive biomarkers developed explicitly for The 28-Day Health Reset. (Blood to be drawn at your most convenient LabCorp or Quest. All blood draw and testing services are covered in the cost of the program.) Your results will be delivered by email.

4. The 28-Day Health Reset Tele-Wellness Consultation – A 1-hour video conference on a HIPAA certified conferencing service with a wellness consultant from Dr. Saleeby’s office. Your Wellness consultant will discuss your APB results with you and share with you a customized wellness plan written by Dr. Saleeby or Dr. Evans, specifically for you.

As a bonus for enrolling in The 28-Day Health Reset you’ll also receive;

- 28 Days of our Immortalitea Fasting Support Tea. Our fasting tea is a proprietary blend of 11 Chinese herbs. It’s based on a 2,400-year-old Taoist formula used for centuries by meditators and fasters to curb appetite, boost energy and improve mental clarity.


- Full video and audio recordings of your personal Wellness Plan

If you were able to buy all the elements of this package they would cost you at least $3,850.

Your price for the 28-Day Health Reset is just $1,797. That’s less than half price.

For less than the cost of a run-of-the-mill annual checkup or a week a pricey health spa, you can make a permanent change for the better in your health.

I have to warn you this offer comes with a caveat.

This is a beta program. Frankly, the cost to do this innovative testing and customized health plan may mean we lose money. So, to limit our risk, we’re only taking 50 participants for this first offering. The first 50 people who sign up are in. We may or may not do this ever again.

I hope we do. But I can’t make any promises at this point and I don’t know when Dr. Saleeby’s team will be free to support a program like this again.

So, if you are ready to Reset Your Health, sign up quickly.

I’m so confident in the power of the 30-Day Reboot; I’m ready to make you a guarantee unlike any you’ve ever seen in the world of health.

When I first started talking to Dr. Saleeby and Dr. Evans about The 28-Day Health Reset, I mentioned I want to give a guarantee. Their immediate response was, “We don’t do guarantees in medicine. There are just too many variables outside of our control.”

I said, “That’s what’s wrong with medicine. Doctors don’t have any skin in the game except their reputation.”

I twisted arms and, frankly, pestered them like 3-year-old, until I got my way. (I have a 3-year old and I know just how useful the technique can be.)

If you take the Advanced Predictive Biomarker tests, follow your custom wellness protocol to the letter for 90 days (your various biomarkers need at least 90 days to respond to your new habits) and then take the APB tests again and don’t see any improvement in your biomarkers, we’ll schedule a free follow-up Tele-wellness consultation to help figure out what went wrong.

If, after that follow-up consultation, you’re still not happy. We’ll return half your investment ($898.50). You’ll keep your Advanced Predictive Biomarker results and your customized wellness plan.

I’m that confident this is going to help you.

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P.S. – The 28-Day Health Reset is the only Personal Wellness Program of its kind. Focused on core health priorities that are scientifically proven to have the most impact on human health and customized for you based on your unique Advanced Predictive Biomarker profile, The 28-Day Reset is the change you’ve been looking for. But don’t delay, we’re only taking the first 50 people and it’s first come – first served.

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