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Organic White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) - BOGO

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White Peony Tea (called Bai Mu Dan in Chinese) is a perennial favorite among white tea lovers and the first white tea that many people experience. That said, White Peony is an atypical white tea in several respects.

The first thing you will notice is the ragged-bulky leaf appearance. This is because White Peony is traditionally simply sun dried. It is not rolled or curled in anyway. This all-natural sun drying process accounts for the non-uniform appearance of the loose tea. It also does not pack compactly which is why we had to offer this tea in smaller weights. The leaves of White Peony simply would not fit into our packages.

Also atypical, is that White Peony normally is harvested picking the bud and the top two leaves. In contrast, most white teas are bud only teas. This variation in leaf size adds to the irregular appearance of the tea and gives White Peony more intense flavor and color and a lot more staying power than most white teas. You will easily get 4-5 brewings from this tea, whereas a typical white tea with a more delicate flavor profile will only brew once or twice.

Finally, White Peony is much more affordable than most white teas. This is due to the previous two items mentioned. The drying process couldn't be any less labor intensive and because we're picking the bud and top two leaves we get more bang for the buck and White Peony tea is quite popular in China and widely cultivated.

I was very please to find this tea being grown organically in Fujian province. You will notice the distinctive white tea (kind of roasted nut) flavor immediately. The mouth feel is rich a luxurious and the overall flavor profile more intense. If you are a fan of the very delicate white teas this may not be the one for you (check out our silver needle instead). But if you love the taste of white tea and wish you could have it without the high price tag and fussiness, this may be your tea.