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Dragon Well Wild Harvest - Imperial Grade Green Tea (Limited Availability)

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Dragon Well (Longjing) tea is one of the most famous of China’s green teas. It traditionally originates from Zheijiang province in China. It was a royal tribute tea during the Song and Qing dynasties and, according to the Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea, “Today it is widely considered the world’s finest green tea.” Serious Eats calls it “the Lamborghini of Chinese green tea.”

 A high quality Longjing tea is creamy and intensely flavored of green vegetables and orchids with an aftertaste of roasted chestnuts. The mouthfeel is decadent and lingers after each sip, seeming to coat your tongue with a mild sweetness.

1) To be called Dragon Well a tea should originate from Zhejiang province in China. The closer to the original birthplace, the village of Longing near West Lake the higher the price.

What about yours? Your dragon well tea is grown in Zhejiang Province but not near West Lake itself. (I’m actually glad about this. I’ll explain why in the next email.)


2) The highest quality must be harvested before the Qingming festival in early April. Quoting again from Serious Eats, “Pre-Qingming (called Mingqian) Dragon Well is the top of the line: the sweetest, richest, most delicate tea of the year, picked before spring's heavy rainfall or summer's rising temperatures, which draw bitter flavors out of the tea bushes. “

What about yours? Your Longing was harvested this year on April 5th!

3) A high quality Dragon Well will be comprised of the bud and no more than two leaves


What about yours? Our Dragon Well picking standard was one bud and two leaves

4) The highest quality Dragon Well tea is grown without chemicals or pesticides


What about yours? This tea is wild grown on an abandoned tea field never touched by chemical or pesticides. (More details in a future email)


5) The highest quality Dragon Well tea is grown at high elevation.


What about yours? This tea was produced at an elevation of 4,265 ft. above sea level.


6) The highest quality Dragon Well tea is hand roasted in traditional woks.


What about yours? The tea master for this farm-cooperative-grown-tea is Mr. Zhang who has been hand roasting Longjing tea most of his adult life. He roasts each leaf by hand twice. He typically roasts 200 gram at a time and it takes him 10 hours to roast one day’s harvest.


Are you excited yet? If you are a fan of green tea, you should be.