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Gynostemma Capsules (China)



Fox News: Boost longevity with this Jiaogulan

Introducing The Chinese Herb of Immortality - Jiaouglan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)

In the first Chinese nationwide census, demographers noted an unusually large number of people over age 100 in two Southern provinces. After years of study the researchers concluded that the only difference between people in these provinces and elsewhere was the traditional routine consumption of a locally grown herbal tea called jiaogulan. Now you too can benefit from the life enhancing power of this little-known herb.

Why Immortalitea Jiaouglan is the best

We specialize in jiaouglan. It is the tea we founded our company on and the reason we are called Immortalitea. We grow our jiaogulan following strict organic principles.

Our gynostemma capsules are 100% organic pure gynostemma leaf. 500 mg per capsules and tested to have approximately 75 mg per capsule of gypenosides 100 capsules per bottle.


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