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Kaya Teapot by Maia Ming



About the Kaya Teapot


Soft and inviting matte touch surfaces combine with graceful forms and happy colors...our new Kaya designs make tea-time a relaxing and pleasurable moment in your day.

In Japan, the word “Kaya” means “under the willow tree” and also translates as “a place of rest”. We hope you will create a simple moment for yourself each day to savor a well-brewed cup of tea.

colors: aqua, orange, cobalt, and pink. 

teacup: 150 ml.

Handling & care: Although made from stoneware, the soft-touch silicone surface is delicate and stains when left dirty. Wipe clean all drips and splashes immediately and hand wash only

Photo of Teaware
02. About Designer Maia Ming
Photo of Designer

We're proud to now offer teaware from award-winning designer Maia Ming. Maia's designed for iconic brands including Swatch and Giro.

She presently lives in and draws inspiration from one of my favorite cities, Barcelona, Spain.

Quoting from Maia, "Small rituals fulfill simple joys. - Precious moments where we pause our busy lives and re-connect to ourselves through the senses.

Life as an entrepreneur and mom can be overwhelming at times. So it's the small moments that keep me grounded. Especially those moments when I pause and remind myself how lucky I am to be designing and creating pieces that I love to use every day.

One of my special moments is in the morning once the kids are out the door and off to school. I sip Lapsong Souchong tea in my favorite cup and stroke my kitty. Then, I start my day.

At Maia Ming Designs, I endeavor to create ceramics that appeal to the hands, eyes and heart to enrich and inspire beautiful moments."