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Old Tree Silver Needle White Tea



Our Old Tree Silver Needle white tea is the one tea in my cupboard that I hide from my family and friends. All my other teas I’m happy, even eager to share. But my Silver Needle is my special treat. I cringe inside (while smiling of course) when I come home to discover my wife’s found my stash and is serving it to guests. 

This tea is special on every count. Silver needle white teas usually come from Fujian. But we found this grove of old white pu-erh tea trees on a small organic plantation in Yunnan. They are harvested on bud only, very briefly withered and quickly air dried. The grey-green buds are plump and covered in silky soft down. 

The tea is dense and rich with fruit flavors. The taste is smooth and lingers in the mouth for ages. I’ve brewed from these leaves as many as 8 eight times and they were still producing a rich flavorful brew.