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Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea



Our Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea is unlike any other tea you’ve tried. The color is a brilliant purple-red color. The flavor is intensely tart. Blended with sugar or honey it’s a wonderful sweet-tart beverage loved around the world for it’s refreshing flavor and soothing effects.

Our Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea is grown 100% organically (EU certified) by a community cooperative garden in Sichuan province. Most hibiscus flower teas are chopped and sifted. You will see ours is different immediately. We dry the whole flower. It’s more time consuming and expensive this way but you’ll see the difference in how the flowers unfold in your cup and you’ll taste the difference in a smooth, intensely fragrant cup of tea without a hint of bitterness.

We test our hibiscus tea for chemicals, heavy metals and common contaminants and we’re proud to say we meet the stringent EU standards for product purity.

Due to the large size of the whole dried flowers we offer our Hibiscus tea in resealable 1 lb. bags only.


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