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Premium White Mulberry Loose Leaf Tea
(100% Morus alba)






America’s Top
Health Expert “Discovers”
White Mulberry Tea

In 2014 I received a voicemail from a customer who’d ordered our White Mulberry Leaf tea. When I returned her call, I was surprised to have the phone answered, “Props Department, The _______ Show”.

The order was from the top rated daytime health program in the world. (Out of respect for the show’s trademark policy I won’t name the specific show.) They explained the show was featuring White Mulberry Tea and they needed our tea fast.

A few short weeks later, TV’s most popular health expert was hailing the discovery of the next “Superfood”. The world had just discovered one of my favorite teas, White Mulberry Leaf Tea.

All The

I’ve recommended White Mulberry Tea to my customers and clients for over a decade and I’ve followed the research with great interest. In general, I think TV tends to over-hype. But the famous doctor was right to call White Mulberry a “Superfood”. Here’s why;

You Could Enjoy Desserts Guilt-Free Again. White mulberry leaf contains a sugar blocking compound called DNJ. This isn’t carte blanche to binge on sweets and desserts. But it is a big leg up if you are concerned about your dietary sugar absorption. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurveda and modern research all agree.




After White Mulberry Tea was “discovered” by that famous TV doctor, new companies sprang up selling White Mulberry Tea. But not all white mulberry teas are created equal, here’s why.

* Harvested Exclusively From Young Growth – We maintain our white mulberry fields at a standard sapling height of 3.5 ft. Each time we harvest we leave the large leaf under-growth to keep the tree strong and healthy and save only the youngest top leaves for our tea.

* Processed By Hand for Maximum Flavor and Potency - Over the last 12 years, we’ve worked directly with the Agriculture Ministry of Thailand to train local famers in a 7-step hand-labor process that produces the purest, most potent and best tasting White Mulberry Tea on planet Earth.

* Absolutely Fresh – Our small-farm business model means we can harvest several times per year and process the tea immediately exclusively for Immortalitea. For you, this means a super-fresh and potent herbal tea.

Did you know improperly processed white mulberry leaf is toxic to humans and that 90% of white mulberry leaf is grown to feed livestock? Don’t fall for White Mulberry Tea companies who “discovered” white mulberry leaf on TV. Our experience really does make a difference!