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Tea Lover's Gift Assortment
Four 3.5 oz Boxes

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There is a right tea for every meal,
every occasion and every mood.


Our hand curated selection of gourmet loose leaf teas from the Immortalitea Connoisseur Collection ensures you’ll serve the perfect tea no matter what life throws your way, even if you never before served any tea that didn’t come in a little paper bag with a string.
If you are a tea lover (or you are looking for the perfect gift for a tea lover) this delicious assortment is sure to delight even the pickiest tea connoisseur. If you are new to gourmet teas, this is the great way to expand your tea experience.

You’ll be the perfect tea host or hostess sharing these amazing high quality teas to friends and family on your next occasion but, we won’t tell, if you decide to hide them away just for yourself. Share or savor for yourself, the choice is all yours.

Photo of Teaware

The perfect gift for the tea lover in
your life… even if that tea lover is you

Assorted Teas

For our tea lover’s gift assortment, we selected one gourmet tea from each of the four major tea styles.

Old Tree Silver Needle White Tea – We grow this rare white tea in Yunnan province from 400 year old white Puerh trees. The tea itself is a beautiful apricot color and tastes delicate and slightly fruity. Many tea aficionados consider Silver Needle tea the epitome of sphistication.

Imperial Grade Jasmine Pearl Green Tea - Jasmine scented tea is one of our most popular teas. Ours is all-natural with the jasmine scent contributed by repeated roastings with jasmine flowers. The jasmine pearls themselves are rolled by hand one by one.

Honey Orchid Oolong Tea - Our Honey Orchid Old Tree Oolong is grown at 400 meters above sea level on Wudong Mountain from semi-wild old growth tea trees. This famous oolong is prized for its surprising natural fruitiness.

Yunnan Dragon Pearl Black Tea - Our Dragon Pearl black tea is hand rolled from Imperial grade back tea from Yunnan. Each pearl weighs almost a gram so you’ll need just 2 or 3 for a robust cup of black tea. This is an incredibly smooth cup of tea with distinct cocoa flavors.