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    • Integra Tea Health Tonic Blend - Immortalitea1 - 1
    • Integra Tea Health Tonic Blend

      Can one drink make you super-human? Of course not. But the ancient Chinese learned the secrets thousands of years ago of blending teas and herbs to create health tonic blends that help our bodies resist the effects of aging. We've married the ancient Chinese tradition of herbal tonics with modern...

    • Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea - Immortalitea1 - 1 Sale
    • Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea

      Brought 20,300studies The many healthbenefits include: #1 #2 #3 TheSearch for Introducing Here are Oh! Back To Life and counting… The list goes on and on.… Best Hibiscus on Planet Earth Begins Whole-Flower our hibiscus special Tastes Great! I discovered the healing power of hibiscus tea for myself while traveling...

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    • Premium Jiaogulan Tea <br>(100% Gynostemma) - Immortalitea1 - 1 Sale
    • Premium Jiaogulan Tea
      (100% Gynostemma Pentaphyllum)

      Discover the Chinese Immortality Herb so powerful The Chinese kept it secret for over 2000 years —Jiaogulan (gynostemma pentaphyllum) Following the first Chinese nationwide census, demographers noted an unusually large number of people over age 100 in two Southern provinces. After years of study the researchers discovered the locals had...

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    • Premium White Mulberry Leaf<br />(Morus alba) - Immortalitea1 - 1 Sale
    • Premium White Mulberry Leaf Tea
      (Morus alba)

      America’s Top Health Expert “Discovers” White Mulberry Tea Why All The Excitement? Immortalitea’s Experience Makes A Difference In 2014 I received a voicemail from a customer who’d ordered our White Mulberry Leaf tea. When I returned her call, I was surprised to have the phone answered, “Props Department, The _______...

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