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Resellers around the country are profiting from the demand for all natural and healthy teas by offering Jiaogulan, Mulberry and other fine teas from The Immortalitea Company. These unique teas create a strong differentiator for your business and a reason for customers to return month after month.

Our resellers include natural food stores, spas, martial arts studios, specialty catalogs, bookstores, tea and coffee specialty shops and other quality retailers. The minimum wholesale order is $100.00 and you must sell directly to the consumer.
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If you are interested in becoming an Immortalitea Reseller, please email me at

Please include the type of business, and provide an estimate of the volume of tea you hope to sell each month
Immortalitea offers one of the most generous affiliate programs in the industry. As an Immortalitea affiliate you receive a personal link you can share with friends, on your website or blog, in social media or via email. We someone visits our site using your link, we put a cookie in the customer's browser and you will receive 25% commission on any other purchases they make from our site for one full year (as long as they don't delete the cookie).

If you are ready to start making money by just sharing with others about the teas you already know and love, please create an account or log-in to your existing customer account and then click the link below to apply.

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