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White Mulberry Matcha



Dr. Oz: «The Newest Health Sensation: White Mulberry»

Introducing an Even More Powerful Form of White Mulberry Leaf. You may have seen our loose-leaf white mulberry tea on TV where a leading physician called it the next super-food. Now we're bringing to the USA for the first time the style of white mulberry tea most popular in Japan, White Mulberry Matcha. The Maximum Goodness Comes from Consuming the whole leaves. Matcha is powdered tea leaves. It is common in Japan for brewing a super-strong espresso-like version of tea. Doctors in Asia have praised this style of preparation because you actually consume the powdered leaves themselves and so receive up to 23 times the effective ingredients compared to brewing a cup of tea. More convenient than regular tea and can be used in cooking. Matcha style tea is more convenient than brewing from loose leaves or tea bags. Just add hot water to a heaping teaspoon of white mulberry matcha and whisk briskly for a thick espresso style brew. No need for infusers or messy tea bags. And, because our matcha is culinary grade, you can also use it in baking, smoothies and many other dishes. Imagine the power of white mulberry baked right into your favorite deserts. Scroll back up to the top of the page and click the "Add to cart" button now to experience sensational new white mulberry matcha!


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