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Do You Struggle To Manage Your Blood Sugar?

Imagine Enjoying Desserts Guilt Free Again!.


This 2,000-year-old "breakthrough" could make it possible.

Many people (and even many doctors) have been brainwashed by the drug companies to believe that newer is always better…and drugs are always the answer.

I hear from customers all the time, they’re giving themselves insulin injections, taking pills on top of that and counting every gram of sugar.

Who wants to take all those drugs…worry about potential side-effects…and let’s not even talk about how much they cost!

It’s no wonder they don’t FEEL any healthier!

Plus, most of these drugs are nothing more than chemical band-aids for an underlying problem managing excess sugar in the blood.

Scientific evidence continues to mount showing that it is much more effective to block sugars before they are absorbed into your blood stream rather than trying to manage them after the fact. Doesn’t that just make sense?

Once sugars are in your system, your body has already started the cycle of metabolic response, insulin production and, in many cases, elevated glucose levels.

And in my more than 11 years as an advocate of natural health alternatives, it’s been my experience that a medicine chest full of pills is rarely the solution.

In fact, the “medicine” I have been recommending for people suffering from blood sugar management issues isn’t actually a medicine at all.

It’s a compound from a fast growing and beautiful tree that many of you have growing in your own backyards. Its benefits are supported by over 2,000 years of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda.

And it’s finally starting to get the attention it deserves as modern studies continue proving that…

This all natural compound may make many of your blood sugar control medications completely unnecessary!

Its powerful natural sugar-blocking powers go to work immediately, fooling the enzymes in your digestive system responsible for sugar absorption into binding with this natural compound, rendering them unavailable for processing dietary sugars.

Of course, your body’s ability to process and absorb calories is an important metabolic function. You MUST absorb energy from your food in order to do all the things you do during your busy day.

Sugars are the most readily available and easiest processed source of metabolic energy. Problems arise when your pancreas does not produce enough insulin to process those sugars or when you become insulin resistant. When your body becomes insulin resistant it continually sends signals to your pancreas demanding more and more insulin, until finally, your pancreas just gives up. Now you have the double whammy of insulin resistance and impaired insulin production.

Then you’re stuck with artificially supplying insulin…and all of the weight gain and blood pressure problems that come with it.

But unlike insulin, this amazing herb doesn’t have side effects…it has side benefits!

In additional to helping to block sugar absorption, it’s been shown to help prevent cholesterol, promote healthy digestion and boost the immune system.

It is nutrient rich, high in anti-oxidants to prevent aging and a terrific source of calcium to promote bone strength. This amazing herb has 27 times the amount of calcium in an equivalent quantity of milk.

It’s also is highly recommended as part of a healthy weight loss plan. Again, it comes back to blocking sugar absorption. Even if you don’t have blood sugar control issues, excess calories are converted to fat. It’s much easier to prevent the absorption of sugars than it is to burn fat.

Perhaps best of all, this powerful nutrient grows freely on the earth, you don’t need a prescription, it doesn’t cost a fortune…

And I’m about to introduce you to the world’s only natural source

This miracle compound is called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ for short). It’s the most active component of the white mulberry — a tree originating in Asia but now common all over the world, including the USA.

The white mulberry has been recently getting a lot of press and it could make many people’s blood sugar issues a thing of the past.

If you ask me, its very existence poses some stiff competition to the trillion-dollar mainstream medical establishment.

Because, unlike prescription drugs, DNJ doesn’t simply replace missing insulin, DNJ prevents the absorption of dietary sugars BEFORE they can cause problems.

In fact, there have been 1,1050 scientific studies reporting the effectiveness of DNJ since 2012 alone!

I’ve already explained some of the most exciting ones, but many of DNJ’s benefits are so powerful, I’m not even allowed to tell you about them. Government guidelines restrict the things I can and can’t say about a natural substance unless it’s approved as a drug.

Let’s just say there are 246558 studies in the last 12 months alone that stand behind its ability to help the body combat one of today’s scariest health dangers.

And yet you may have it growing in you own backyard

But, before you grab your scissors and head out to the garden, it’s important to know that not all mulberry trees are rich in DNJ and it’s not quite as simple as picking the leaves and tossing them in a teapot.

First things first, you need to know that raw white mulberry leaves are toxic. You may know that white mulberry leaves are the main food of silkworms. The chemical compound in the leaves that enables the silkworm to make silk is toxic to humans. The leaves must be properly steamed and dried to make them consumable.

Second, mulberry leaves are a thick waxy leaf. Without proper preparation, they will not release the sugar blocking compound DNJ. Poorly produced mulberry tea makes a weak flavorless beverage and poorly prepared supplements just pass through your body as waste. You might as well just take the bottle of capsules and pour them straight into the toilet!

Finally, not all types of mulberry trees have the same potency of DNJ. There are 16 species of trees commonly known as mulberry and because the leaves change shapes throughout their lifecycle, botanists will tell you that classification of mulberry tree species from the leaves is quite difficult, even for professionals.

We process our white mulberry tea in a process we developed in partnership with the Government of Thailand and The Thai Institute of Sericulture. In this eight-step process, we dry twice, shred, steam, roast twice, parch and roll the leaves to maximize potency and optimize flavor. No other producer invests in such a painstaking process but we believe the results show in the quality and flavor of our teas.

And you can try it for yourself without risking a single penny!

Why torture yourself with injections and load up on pills when just a few cups of great tasting tea with your meals can:

  • Block absorption of up to 43% of the dietary sugars you consume
  • Help prevent osteoporosis by providing 27 X the calcium of a glass of milk
  • Support healthy blood pressure with the enzyme GABA
  • Help lower cholesterol with Phytosterol
  • Protect against the age-accelerating ravages of free radicals
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • And boost your immune system

    Just think about how many pills you could be replacing. Think about how much money you could be saving!

    Think about how amazing you could be feeling in just a few weeks!

    The power of DNJ lies in its molecular shape. In order for sugars to be absorbed into your blood stream, they must be broken down into particles small enough to pass through cellular membranes. This work is performed by enzymes in the small intestine.

    However, a DNJ molecule is very similar to a sugar molecule, it differs by only the presence of one additional nitrogen atom. The enzymes responsible for breaking down the sugars mistake the DNJ for sugar and attach themselves to the DNJ. Since you only have a limited amount of these enzymes in your system at any given time, they are not available to break down the sugars you consume and those sugars pass through the small intestine and become waste. Meanwhile, the extra nitrogen atom in DNJ prevents the DNJ from being broken down be the enzymes and so the DNJ with the enzyme still attached, is also flushed from your system.

    Please don’t get me wrong. Diabetes, obesity, and insulin resistance are serious conditions. It is essential that you properly control your insulin levels. And if you suffer from type 1 diabetes, you have no choice but to inject insulin. But for people with type 2 diabetes, research shows that preventing the absorption of sugars in the first place reduces the demand for insulin, puts less stress on the pancreas and liver and makes controlling your blood sugar more manageable.

    Additionally, studies show that insulin itself has serious side effects. One of the most common side effects of insulin treatment is weight gain. What is the leading risk factor for diabetes? Obesity! This is like fighting fire with gasoline!

    The doctor prescribes insulin to his diabetes patient. The patient gains weight. The increased weight aggravates the patient’s diabetes. The doctor responds by increasing the insulin dosage and so the cycle continues. It’s absolutely insane.

    Insulin has also been linked to increased blood pressure. A Taiwanese study of 87,000 people found a higher incidence of hypertension among insulin users. This makes perfect sense. Insulin increases sodium retention, causes oxidative stress and may thicken blood vessels. People with Type 2 diabetes are already at a higher risk of hypertension. Insulin may be just aggravating the problem.

    But the DNJ compound in White Mulberry nips the problem in the bud by helping block the sugars that started the entire destructive cycle.

    And the benefits are immediate! If DNJ is present in your digestive system from consuming white mulberry tea, taking white mulberry leaf capsules or as part of the meal itself (I’ll tell you how that’s possible in just a minute) then when you consume sugars a percentage of those sugars will be blocked.

    And as the days and weeks pass, and your daily sugar intake is reduced, your blood sugar levels will start to come down.

    Don’t be surprised if your doctor gives you a big thumbs-up at your next appointment when he sees the improvements in all of your blood work!

    Our specially processed and tasty white mulberry tea is truly powerful and the studies continue to mount as proof.

    Nutrition and Metabolism – July 2009

    In a 2009 study in Japan, women who ingested white mulberry leaf at the same time as consuming sweet desserts had 1/5 the blood sugar level 30 minutes later than women who ate the desserts alone and their insulin levels were 75% lower. The scientists were so impressed they actually recommended the commercial development of desserts containing white mulberry.

    “The development of confections with mulberry leaf can, therefore, contribute to the prevention and the quality of life for prediabetic and diabetic patients“ (Nakamura, Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism July 2009).

    Just last year an animal study reported in the European Journal of Chemistry found that in just 4 weeks white mulberry fruit had a significant effect in reducing blood glucose levels, liver and kidney enzymatic activity and improved the lipid profiles.

    The list of studies goes on and on but perhaps more important is what real people have to say about their experience with our white mulberry products.

    Here's What Some of Our Customers Have to Say About White Mulberry

    It works for me

    “I am a Type two diabetic and was intrigued by the claims to lower my blood glucose ratings. I drink a cup of the tea when I am eating a pasta or other high carb meal and my tests after convince me that the tea works. There is a big difference when I do not have the tea with the same type meal. I just ordered my second bag of tea. It works for me and I plan on recommending it to other diabetic friends”.

    Church C., Roanoke, VA

    My blood sugars went from 124 fasting to 75

    “I also did a test with it. I had my favorite burger and my blood sugar two hours after I eat is is usually 170. I drank a cup of tea before and a cup after and two hours later it was 64. So if you are diabetic monitor your blood sugar more frequently. It really works. As for weight loss, I have lost 5 pounds”.

    Paul L., Reading, CA

    I love this tea!

    “I have seen my blood sugar levels drop and I have great energy. A friend of mine has been using the powder and her blood glucose levels have gone from 190 to 90 in three weeks”.

    Dena L., Bermuda

    But you don’t have to take their word for it…or mine. Because...

    Our Immortalitea White Mulberry Bundle
    Takes All The Excuses Away!

    I’ve heard all the excuses:

    • “I don’t like the taste of herbal teas.”
    • “I’m addicted to sweets.”
    • “I get cravings between meals.”


    I believe that every person who is struggling to manage their blood sugar should make white mulberry a part of their daily routine and I want to make that as easy as possible for our Immortalitea Insiders. So, I’ve created an exclusive White Mulberry Bundle for our Insider’s Club that takes all the excuses away.


    Here’s What You’ll Receive:

    • 8 oz. of our award winning white mulberry leaf tea

      Don't like the taste of herbal teas? — Our tea tastes great, it’s easy to prepare and you can enjoy it hot or cold.

    • 3.5 oz of our White Mulberry Matcha Powder

      Addicted to sweets? — You can bake our white mulberry leaf matcha powder right into many of your favorite desserts. Just imagine you eating your favorite dessert knowing that the power of DNJ is baked right in and helping prevent the sugars in your dessert from entering your bloodstream.

      I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t know how to cook with this stuff!” I’ve got you covered. I'm including, absolutely FREE, our Immortalitea e-Cookbook “Cooking With White Mulberry Matcha” with 25 delicious desserts and drink recipes.

    • Two 10 oz. Packages of Dried White Mulberries

      Get between meal cravings? — These delicious berries are low in sugar yet taste sweet. They’ll soothe your cravings for sweets and curb your appetite while loading you up with even more healthy nutrients.


    • One Bottle of White Mulberry Leaf Capsules (50 servings) 

      On the go and no time to brew tea? — Our convenient veggie capsules are the solution. The same benefits as the tea in capsules form.  

    Excuses …GONE!

    Bonus 1: I’m  including our other Immortalitea e-book “White Mulberry – Tree of a Thousand Wonders” so you can read up about the 2,000-year-old healing tradition behind this “modern breakthrough.”

    Bonus 2:  I'm also including two 1 oz samples of our white mulberry leaf tea. Because when you start experiencing the benefits yourself, you'll want to share with friends. 

    You’ll Finally be Doing Something That Stops the Dangerous Insulin Escalation Cycle Before it Even Begins

    And there’s so much more to the natural healing power of white mulberry. You’ll also enjoy:

    • Stronger bones by receiving 27 X the calcium as a glass of milk
    • Improved blood pressure with the help of GABA enzyme
    • Lower cholesterol with the help of Phytosterol
    • Protection against the age-accelerating ravages of free radicals and
    • A stronger immune system

    You’ll be able to look forward to fewer injections and easier blood sugar control… you can look forward to your next set of lab results…and you can look forward to… you enjoying meals, guilt-free without counting every gram of sugar!

    Save $37 Today

    By now you’re probably asking yourself “How much money am I actually saving?” So I’ve taken the liberty of doing the math for you. If you bought all the components of this special bundle at our regular price, here’s what you’d spend:

    • 8 oz of White Mulberry Leaf Tea – $32.95
    • 100 grams of White Mulberry Leaf Matcha Powder - $19.95
    • Two 10 oz Packages of Dried White Mulberries - $10.95 X 2 = $21.90
    • One Bottle of White Mulberry Leaf Capsules
      (50 servings ea.) = $17.95
    • Two 1 oz samples of White Mulberry Leaf Tea - $6.95 X 2 = $13.90
    • Our Immortalitea e-Cookbook “Cooking With White Mulberry Matcha”
    • Our Immortalitea e-book “White Mulberry – The Tree of a Thousand Wonders”

    GRAND TOTAL Full Retail Price - $106.65

    Your price - $69
    You Save - $37.65

    Click Here To Claim Yours Now!

    On top of those immediate saving, I’ve received emails from customers who tossed out all sorts of unnecessary pills in as little as a few weeks. In no time at all, you too could be saving $50, $100, even $200 a month!

    WARNING: Bonuses and Prices Are Changing Soon…

    But I need to give you heads-up. After our White Mulberry Tea was featured on a popular daytime TV health show, demand for white mulberry leaf tea has skyrocketed. There is an entire industry of people who follow the popular health programs and immediately rushed to market with their own White Mulberry products.

    I’m happy about this on two fronts. First, a lot more people are hearing about and benefiting from White Mulberry. I’ve been talking about it for more than 12 years and it’s great to see it finally take off.

    Second, I’ve been working with farmers in Thailand to develop a sustainable trade in herbal teas. Now, suddenly their businesses are blossoming. That’s a terrific feeling for me. But, there is a downside. My cost has gone up dramatically. I’ve been doing my best to hold the line on price but I won’t be able to keep prices down forever. I’ve put this special White Mulberry Leaf Bundle together for my Insider’s Club only. You won’t find it anywhere on my site unless you have the link I sent to you by email. This page will be live for a limited time.

    Once my insider’s have had a chance to take advantage of it. I’m taking it down and I don’t know when or if I’ll be able to make this special offer again. I strongly advise you to take advantage of this offer now while it is still available.

    Click Here To Claim Yours Now!

    I want to be sure there’s nothing keeping you from finally getting control of your blood sugar and experiencing the same kind of improvement in your blood tests that I’ve seen so many others benefit from. So, I’ve not only taken away all the excuses, I’ve also taken away all the risk.

    Read my “No-Questions-Asked” Money Back Guarantee —
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Guarantee: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with our Exclusive White Mulberry Bundle, even if you don’t like the color of the bag or the smell of the tea, just send me a personal email any time in the next 60 days and return the unused product for a full, prompt refund. Fair enough?

    I am that sure this will work for you

    Claim Your Insider’s Club White Mulberry Bundle Here Now!

    YES! Please give me the entire Insider's Club White Mulberry Bundle so I can start managing my blood sugar naturally and excuse-free for just $53

    Click the orange button below to be sent to our One Page simple 2048 bit encrypted secure order form

    I know that there is a natural way to block absorpion of dietary sugars before they have a chance to spike my blood sugar levels and my White Mulberry Bundle will be express shipped to me by USPS Priority Mail.

    If You Wait, There's a Good Chance, You'll Miss Out

    I mentioned earlier that our cost of white mulberry has gone up tremendously. I'm trying my best not to pass that increase on to our customers because frankly, I understand that many of you are already stretched thin managing your health care cost. But, at some point soon I will have to raise prices. I've created this white mulberry bundle exclusively for my Insider's Club so you will have a chance to stock up on our White Mulberry products before prices go up.

    This special bundled offer is only available as a bundle and for a limited time. Basically, once my insiders have had a chance to get theirs, this offer comes down. Please don't miss out. I'm expecting this offer to go out of stock fast. I will do my best to restock at the same prices but there is just no guarantee I will be able to do so.

    More important than missing out on this special price is that you take care of your health. The sooner you start managing your blood sugar control issues while you are eating instead of waiting for your body to try to fix things after the fact or using expensive and potentially harmful drugs, the better long term health you will have. Don't hesitate, this offer is backed by our No-Questions-Asked Money back guarantee so there is zero risk. Click on the blue link below to get started.

    Click Here To Claim Yours Now!


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    The information provided on our site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice nor to replace medical advice from your physician.
    * Our products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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